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truck accidnets on Omaha and Council Bluffs

The party who can sue for wrongful death include the immediate family members, the financial dependents, life partners and putative spouses. The putative spouse is the person who was a domestic partner or a life partner who was financial dependent. This is the person who in good faith believed they were married to the deceased. Any person who suffered financially from the incident has a right to claim compensation through the wrongful death. The parents of the deceased fetus are also allowed to sue when the cause of death was on the basis of wrongful death.

As the aggrieved party you should understand what a wrongful death is before you place a suit. A wrongful death is when the person is killed out of misconduct or the negligence of another party. The dependents or the beneficiary are usually entitled to monetary damages. The wrongful deaths occur in different circumstances;

  • Anesthesia malpractice; this is a very sensitive issues especially since all surgery procedures use anesthesia. A wrongful death can be caused when the anesthesiologist does not give the proper dosage to the patient.
  • Emergency room medical malpractice; any death caused from the negligence of medical hospital workers can be classified as wrongful death. This can be from performing surgical errors, prematurely discharging a patient, and any misdiagnosis that leads to death.
  • Vehicle accidents; the automobile companies can be held responsible for any defective parts in the cars that may result into death. The trucking companies are held accountable for the truck accidents especially when the employee do not follow the rules and regulations.